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Now in £ºHome Mold Departmet  

The mold department is company's core department, we know that good products need good molds. Along with the market competition, the company increases some high mold equipments and talented person's raise.Through several years development, the mold department has over 60 staffs now including designers ,the programmer,the mold engineer as the backbone. We can produce over 300 sets moulds annually. In the way of equipment, besides having the ordinary machine for process, mainly own import equipments which including 1 set high speed CNC center, 5 sets CNC electrical discharge machine, 5 sets of milling machine, 10 sets of wire-cutting machine & CNC lathes. We equip with pro/e¡¢UG¡¢Master CAM software for design.

  The toolings ready for approuval
  The toolings store in warehouse
  View of on proessing
   Engineers Office
  Precision processing equipment
  CNC processing center
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