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The company production department includes: injection making, compression making, silk-screening, the assembly , also has realized the ERP management.The workshop area has more than 6000 square meters, in which technology and the administrative personnel has 20 people. The product starts from raw material investment, the injection molding formation, the mould pressing formation, silk-screen, the assembly, packing.Each working procedure are equipped the specialty QC personnel to carry on the performance test and the control, has realized the entire process quality monitoring, effective guarantee product processing quality.Production department's main equipment has: 15 sets of Injection molding machines, 15 sets of compression machines, total 30 sets of fragment machines, the heat sealer, the drilling machine, silk-screening machines.

  PMC meeting before production
  QC office
  Compression machine
  Injection machines
  View of workshop
  Production facilities placed in order
operating operating operating operating


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